Arlington Roofing Services takes pride in being among the list of Self-Certified Contractors in Arlington, a testament to our commitment to excellence. This status allows us to directly install Class “A” roofing systems on single-family homes within the City of Arlington, bypassing the conventional Permit process. Instead, we prepare a Certificate of Compliance and, once your project is completed, the City of Arlington Department of Building and Safety issues a Certificate, finalized by Arlington Roofing Services. This privilege is a nod to our consistent delivery of superior workmanship, offering a streamlined process that benefits the City, homeowners, and us as the contractor by saving time and money. For further details, please reach out to us.

Benefits of Our Self-Certification:

Without the need for city inspection delays, our team can proceed with roof installations immediately after removing the existing roof, minimizing downtime and reducing exposure to adverse weather conditions.

For pitched roofs requiring new plywood, the absence of waiting for nailing inspections accelerates the waterproofing process. As we prepare the roof’s base, your home is swiftly and effectively protected from the elements, speeding up the overall installation.

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